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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I contact Audio Canvas?
    We understand that sometimes it may be difficult to describe in a message what vision you have for your project so we offer an Over the Phone Consultations and Update Sessions for Free. We want to stay as transparent as possible and make this feel like an enjoyable collaboration. To contact us, either fill out the Form at the bottom of the Home Page, or Email us at to schedule a meeting over the phone.
  • Should I upload my "Rough Draft Mix" or a "Reference Song" along with my other files for Mixing and Mastering?
    Yes! Rough Mixes or songs from artists that you want to sound similar to help give us clues as to what your style is and what Effects you may have in mind for your project.
  • How should I be Recording my Podcast Audio to get the Best Quality?
    If you are using Multiple Microphones (1 for each person), it is Ideal to record each Microphone onto it's own Individual Track (Multi Track Recording). This way we are able to edit each Track/Microphone separately and get even more consistency in volume and overall quality. When recording, make sure your Volume on your Peak Meter is NOT going over -11dB at your Audio's Loudest part to Avoid "Clipping". - Recording Multi Track In Audacity: - Recording Multi Track In Garageband: - Recording Multi Track In Adobe Audition: - Recording Multi Track In Logic Pro: (If your software is not listed here go to YouTube and search "How to record 2 microphones with your Software")
  • How do I Upload my files once I've placed an Order?
    Once your order is processed you will receive an email with a Dropbox link to securely upload the project files.
  • How do the Free Samples work?
    Simply fill out the Order Form on the service you would like, select the "Free Sample" option and you will be sent a link to upload your files (No card information required). We will then send you back a finalized cropped/short version of your production. If you are satisfied with the results and wish to proceed, a payment portal will then be sent to you.
  • How do I get my files ready to Upload?
    MUSIC: In your DAW, Deactivate All Plugins and Export your Stems (Each Individual Track). Make sure your tracks are not Clipping and that your Peaks are not louder than -6dB to -3dB at the max (Also Name Your Tracks Accurately) . For the Format, select .WAV / 24bit (If you already have 16bit files that's fine. We prefer not to receive MP3s but if that's all you have we will work with it). Finally put all your Stems into a Zip Folder and then Upload to the Dropbox link sent to your email. (Make sure not to send files that you do not want in the Final Product) PODCAST: Pretty much the same steps as MUSIC. FILM: Put all your Audio Files into a Zip Folder along with the Final Edit Reference Video (With Original Sound). Make sure that your Files are named accurately. Finally put all your Stems into a Zip Folder and then Upload to the Dropbox link sent to your email. AUDIO BOOK: Put all your required separate Audio Files in Zip Folder and upload to the Dropbox link sent to your email.
  • Is there anything else I need to upload with my music?
    If you want us to take care of Encoding your Song with Metadata and Cover Art, send us all the Track Info such as: Artist Name, Song Title, Cover Art, etc.
  • How do I compress my files into a .Zip Folder?
    To save storage space and to make files easier to send, we compress them into a .zip folder. That .zip folder is what you will upload to the Dropbox Link sent to you. HOW TO COMPRESS FILES TO A .ZIP FOLDER: Mac: - Windows: -
  • How does the process work?
    Fill out the Order Form for the Service you want and you will receive an email with a Price Quote. Once you accept the Quote you will be sent an Invoice with a Payment Link. Once your order has been processed, we get to work crafting your perfect mix. We give you constant updates so that there is no misunderstandings and you know that you are happy with the results as we move forward.

Reach out with any questions or ideas and
let's bring your creations to life.

-Audio Canvas-


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